Capturing energy from the Sun!

Prairie Power Inc. introduces Bright Options Solar

Who doesn’t like to soak up some rays on a nice sunny day?  Typically you think of swimming, boating, baseball, cookouts and other outdoor activities on a nice sunny day; however, the sun’s rays can also be used to generate electricity.

Prairie Power, Inc. (PPI), an electric generation and transmission cooperative headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, recently announced plans to off its 10 member distribution cooperatives the opportunity for their member-consumers to purchase solar-generated electricity through the Bright Options Solar program. Bright Options Solar allows any member of Spoon River Electric the opportunity to buy blocks of solar energy generated from two 500-kilowatt solar farms operated by PPI subsidiaries.

The Spoon River Solar Farm is located near Astoria, Illinois and the Shelby Solar Farm is located in Shelbyville. In the fall of 2015, both solar farms became operational. These two solar farms are harvesting energy from the sun to provide an opportunity for homeowners to receive some of their electricity from the sun.

“It’s exciting to think we will be providing our members a means of participating in solar renewable energy without the risks, hassles and costs of having solar panels on their roofs,” said SREC President/CEO Bill Dodds.

Under Bright Options Solar, a member agrees to purchase blocks of solar-generated energy, at an added cost, through the member’s participating electric cooperative. There are three purchasing options available, namely blocks of 200, 400 and 600 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

The added cost for a 200 kWh solar block is $12 per month; the added cost for a 400 kWh solar block is $24 per month; and the added cost for a 600 kWh solar block is $36 per month. Bright Options Solar participants may begin purchases at any time with an automatic renewal at the beginning of each calendar year. The cost associated with each block of solar energy purchased will appear as a separate line item on the member’s electric bill and is in addition to all other normally billed charges.

“If you are an environmentally minded consumer Bright Options Solar just might be what you have been waiting for to participate in renewable energy,” said SREC President/CEO Bill Dodds.

Any member of Spoon River Electric is eligible to participate in the Bright Options Solar program.  To learn more about Bright Options Solar call us at 309-647-2700.

PPI is the supplier of wholesale electricity and electric transmission services to 10 member-owned distribution cooperatives in Illinois, which includes Spoon River Electric. PPI also obtains wind-generated electricity from Pioneer Trail wind farm located just east of Paxton, Illinois; electricity from natural gas turbines located in Alsey, Illinois; and electricity generated by Prairie State Energy Campus, a state-of-the-art coal-fired plant, located near Marissa, Illinois.