Operation Round Up® Begins in September

The membership voted at the Annual Meeting on June 15 to proceed with the Operation Round Up® program, which will launch with the bill received in September 2017.

What is Operation Round Up®?
It’s a charitable program unique to electric cooperatives designed to provide financial assistance to local school programs, philanthropic groups, non-profit organizations, rescue squads, volunteer fire departments and other deserving causes that benefit members within Spoon River’s service territory.

Spoon River will “round up” your monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar. For example, a bill amount of $65.46 would be rounded up to $66.00. The additional 54 cents would be your Operation Round Up® contribution for that month.

The concept behind the program extends the principle on which electric co-ops were built over 75 years ago neighbor helping neighbor to benefit communities in which we live and work. Donations are only a few cents a month and average about $6 to $12 a year. It’s a small change, but it delivers big benefits to local community and charitable organizations.

How Are Donations Collected?
Because donations are automatically collected through your monthly electric bill and will show as a separate line item, it’s easy to contribute on a regular basis. You can track your tax-deductible Operation Round Up® donations by simply keeping the top portion of your bill.

Who Administers The Funds?
The small change you contribute to Operation Round Up® is deposited into Spoon River Electric Foundation Fund account. A volunteer Foundation Board committee consisting of Spoon River members will carefully review grant applications and determine who receives funding. Foundation Board members volunteer their time, and except for optional mileage reimbursement, receive no pay or compensation for serving on the board.

Who will benefit from Operation Round Up®?
The program can help replenish food supplies for local food pantries, help support senior citizen hospice programs, purchase supplies and equipment for rural fire departments and emergency response services, provide funds for community programs and helping children of all ages by supporting community youth activities and school programs. The funds will not be used to pay members bills, nor will they be used for political purposes.

Electric cooperatives across the United States have been offering this program since 1989 to help co-op consumers reach out to worthy causes in the community and work together to help others.

We will begin taking grant applications in 2018. Be watching our various media outlets – Illinois Country Living, www.srecoop.org, Facebook, and local newspapers for details on where your donations are going.

How to Participate:
If you wish to participate in the program do nothing and you will automatically be enrolled. Beginning September 2017, your contribution will be automatically included on your bills.

If you DO NOT wish to participate (and have not let us know), please contact the office to opt out. You will be able to opt in our out at any time.

No matter how you pay your bill, if it’s by check, automatic debit, or online through eBill – should you want to contribute more than the “rounded up” amount during the year, you can make an additional contribution by writing a separate check made out to Spoon River Electric Foundation and mailing it to Spoon River.

Your small change can make a BIG difference
For less than $1 a month, you can make a difference in someone’s life. It may seem like small change, and it is, but when you multiply that by thousands of Spoon River members participating in Operation Round Up®, it makes a BIG difference.

You might have questions about Operation Round Up®. We have some answers. If you need any further information than what is provided, please contact us at 309.647.2700 or check out our website at www.srecoop.org.