Operation Round Up® Program – Seeking Your Vote at the Annual Meeting

People Helping People

Cooperatives were established on the basis of people helping people. Spoon River Electric Cooperative believes Operation Round Up® is a great extension of that idea, because it makes it easy for members like you to help good things happen in your community. Members have their electric bills “rounded up” to the next whole dollar, with the extra changed dedicated to charitable causes. Donations are only a few cents a month and average about $6 a year. It’s a small change, but it delivers big benefit to local community and charitable organizations.

How it Works

It’s simple. Spoon River will “round up” your monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar. For example, a bill amount of $65.48 would be rounded up by 52 cents for a total due of $66. The additional 52 cents would be your Operation Round Up® donation for that month.

Pending a voice vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting in June; starting in August, your bill will be automatically rounded up. We realize that not everyone is willing to participate in the program and you are able to opt out of this voluntary program at any time by contacting Spoon River.

How Donations Are Collected

Because donations are automatically collected through your monthly electric bill, it’s easy to contribute on a regular basis. Should you want to contribute more than the “rounded up” amount during the year, you can make an additional contribution by writing a separate check made out to the Spoon River Electric Foundation and mailing it to Spoon River.

Volunteer Committee

The small change you contribute to Operation Round Up® is deposited in the Spoon River Electric Foundation account. An independent, volunteer committee consisting of Spoon River members will review application and determine who receives funding.

Distribution of Funds

Through the generosity of Spoon River Electric Cooperative members, Operation Round Up® will provide funding to school programs, philanthropic groups, non-profit organizations, rescue squads, volunteer fire departments and other deserving causes that benefit members within Spoon River’s service territory.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Operation Round Up®. We will be asking members to vote on this program at the Annual Meeting of Members in June.