What is all the excitement about…?

This is an exciting time for the solar industry in the State of Illinois.  It can also be a confusing time for those of you who are considering investing in your own solar array or who may have been contacted about selling or renting your land for a large solar project.  Spoon River Electric, who has been serving rural Central Illinois for the last 80 years, purchased Spoon River Mechanical Services 10 years ago to assists members and consumers in Central Illinois with their mechanical service’s needs. Now, Spoon River Mechanical Services and Eagle Point Solar have formed a partnership to assist consumers in Central Illinois to evaluate these offers and decide if a solar project is right for you.

The flurry of solar activity in Illinois is being driven by a new Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS.  The RPS was developed as part of a package to financially stabilize some of the nuclear generating plants in the state.  The revised RPS means the major utilities in Illinois are now mandated to provide a certain portion of the electricity they generate via renewable resources like wind and solar.  It also creates a market for the utilities to buy Solar Renewable Energy Credits from most people who install their own solar projects.  Simply put, if you install a qualified solar project, the utilities are now required to purchase your Solar Renewable Energy Credits and this has dramatically improved the economics of your solar project in Illinois.

The expansion of the Solar Renewable Energy Credit market is a positive thing in Illinois not only from the environmental aspect but also because of the positive financial impact through job creation and investment in solar energy projects.  Now that solar projects are so attractive from a financial aspect, Illinois will also see an influx of solar installers move into the state to exploit this opportunity. Unfortunately, some of these companies are simply chasing these incentives and will be here today and gone tomorrow.

In order to combat this Eagle Point and Spoon River Mechanical will be working together to educate the consumers of Central Illinois about the Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program.  By pairing with Spoon River Mechanical, Eagle Point Solar is working hard to insure that consumers receive accurate information from reputable companies.  Eagle Point Solar is also committed to providing accurate information which includes the proper communication you must have with your local utility provider if you are considering your own solar project.

In conclusion, this is an exciting yet confusing time for anyone who is interested in renewable energy in the State of Illinois.  There are several sources to help you wade through the massive amount of information that is floating around.  These sources include, the Illinois Power Agency, your local utility, and established, proven solar installers like Eagle Point Solar.

Jim Pullen

General Manager

Eagle Point Solar

The Spoon River Electric is a small member owned electric cooperative located in Canton, IL.  The COOP’s 30 employees serve approximately 3800 members within Fulton, Knox, McDonough, Peoria and Schuyler counties.

Jim Pullen is the General Manager of Eagle Point Solar, a solar installer serving Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.  Eagle Point Solar was founded in 2017 and it’s 40 employees have constructed more than 400 solar arrays ranging in size from small residential to small utility scale projects.